Ant invasion marching into many Midstate homes

LEMOYNE, Pa. (WHTM) – Exterminators say a wet May could have led to an increase in some unwanted visitors in many Midstate homes, but you can take steps to keep them from bugging you.

Emina Becirovic bought her Lemoyne home about a year ago. It had been vacant for 10 years, with vines growing up to the top of the house and making it easier for ants to make their way in.

“You’d find them on the counter tops, everywhere, even on my bed. In the bathtub you’d be showering and there’s ants crawling on the walls trying to get water,” Becirovic said.

“My ant jobs have increased quite a bit, probably 40 percent,” said Dave Houck, owner of Houck Pest Control.

Becirovic is one of Houck’s jobs. Sunday was his third time spraying her house. He found an ant’s nest in her backyard and a crack in the outside wall the pests were coming in through.

“It’s been like a four-month process,” Becirovic said.

The first-time homeowner bombed her house twice, but the ants came back within days.

“They’d come through the window, walk along the cabinets, and then disappear into the walls,” Becirovic said.

The ants marching in is taking a bite out of Becirovic’s wallet.

“We probably wasted hundreds of dollars of food just throwing it away. If you leave a bag of chips open, you’d have to throw it away,” she said.

Houck has some tips if you already have ants in your home.

“Vinegar and water on the counter tops works real well. Sometimes if you keep dog food off the floor, it does help. We find a lot of ants by the dog food,” Houck said.

Make sure your windows are sealed, bushes are not right up against your home, and you keep crumbs off the counter.

“I was very embarrassed to have people over just because they’re going to see bugs all over my house,” Becirovic said. “It could happen to anybody.”

Becirovic is hoping the trail of ants is finally coming to an end and her invited guests don’t end up back in her house.


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