Kayak Mania

HARRISBURG (WHTM) – Everywhere you go it’s kayaks. No matter if it’s on the bed of a pickup, roof racks, specially built trailers, kayaks are everywhere.

It used to be people hauled around canoes, now there’s a kayak for almost anything you want to do in the water. whether it’s fishing, exploring the waters, exercising, or just plain family fun and entertainment. maybe a kayak is in your future.

“Kayaking has exploded in popularity in the last couple years and I think there are a couple of really excellent reasons for that. Primarily we’re sitting on one of the most beautiful rivers on the east coast. Full of wildlife, shallow, clear, and inviting and accessible for all ages of people at the right level”, said Steve Oliphant, Susquehanna Outfitters.

Like anything else, picking the right kayak can be challenging. Maybe a test ride is the best way to start.

“Because there are so many different kinds of kayaks it’s nice to try them on and try a couple different kinds out before you go and buy one. It’s a nice idea to rent a kayak. Take your family out, see how they feel to you. a lot of good places that sell kayaks in the area, if you’re looking to buy one, are renting and if you’re not going to use it a dozen times a year it saves you the hassle of putting it on your car, storing it somewhere and having to move it yourself or maintain it”, explained Oliphant.

Kayaks were first used by the indigenous hunters in the arctic, but today you can find them everywhere, from the smallest creek to the biggest ocean.

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