Studio Session: Brandon Parsons

Following the tragedies that took place in Orlando weeks ago, Brandon Parsons, a longtime friend and guest of Good Day PA, put pen to paper to write his tribute song, “Forty-nine Times,” in only one day.

“I wrote the song called Forty-nine times a few days after the tragedy that happened on June 12th that took 49 lives in Orlando Florida. It was definitely one of the hardest songs I’ve ever written as it hit very close to home. I wrote and recorded the song in one day.  The words and music just poured out of my heart and came to me very quickly. The response to the song has been amazing. I’ve already received countless messages from the community along with families and friends of victims telling me their stories and the impact that the song has made in their lives. This made everything worth it for me,” tells Parsons.

He joined us today to perform his song as well as tell us about the process he went through to create it. Click on the video above to hear his song or click below to listen to the full interview.

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