Val’s Kids: James

James enjoyed some time at Lake Tobias in Halifax. The teen, who loves animals, has spent years in foster care. He is still searching for a permanent family. “Doesn’t matter the gender equality. Two moms or two dads. It’s fine with me it doesn’t really matter how the family is as long as they are loving and caring and I can be with them.” James said.

The 19 year old will be senior this year and is looking forward to the prom and his future. “Haven’t found anyone to go yet. It’s still summer. When I graduate from high school I want to go to Thaddeus Stevens for graphic design. That would possibly help me into the door for advertising or designing video or video games.” James said. Even though James is 19, he is still able to get help . “Not long ago when a teenager turned 18 they would have to leave care.”

Don Farner with Diakon said. The rules have changed since. Now James will be looked after until he is 21 years old. “ He has access to lawyers, case workers, free place to stay food.” Farner said. While the search continues to find James a forever family. “ Families have trust and love and it’s a nice blanket of comfort you can always go back to if there is some hardship in your life. Like with leaving high school having someone there to help me though that because I’m leaving friends behind moving on in my life. I want someone there through the entire way.” James said.

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