Author Spotlight: Judy Wolfman

Henry Brown was born into slavery in 1815, and was owned by a master who took good care of him. In later years, Henry married Nancy, owned by a different master. Both masters agreed to the marriage and promised not to sell their slave. However, Nancy’s master, a gambler who was deep in debt, needed money to Henry speaks to many peoplepay off his debts, and was forced to sell Nancy and her children at auction. Henry was devastated, and determined to get out of slavery. If he ran away, he knew he’d be caught and killed, so he devised a plan to be shipped in a box from Virginia to Philadelphia, where he would be free.

The journey took 27 hours, during which Henry was miserable and in pain. When he reached his destination, he was given “Box” as his new middle name. Henry “Box” Brown became a popular speaker against slavery in New England and England, where he remarried (1859) and had a child. His grave is in Virginia, where he is still remembered.  –A Slave No More

Judy Wolfman paid a visit to our studio once more to share with us the release of her newest book, A Slave No More.

“I read a short article in a children’s book and realized this was a real person. I located an autobiographical narrative that he had written in 1849, which was published in Boston and again in Manchester, England. His was factual, and I added dialogue to create a story,” tells Wolfman.

To learn more about the author, visit

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