Comedian posts fake animal facts in Los Angeles Zoo

Comedian and known prankster Jeff Wysaski, known by the pseudonym Obvious Plant, is generating buzz for posting plackards with fake animal facts throughout the Los Angeles Zoo. (Channone Arlf/Flickr Commons/CC BY 2.0)

LOS ANGELES (MEDIA GENERAL) – In an effort to make the Los Angeles Zoo “a little more interesting,” comedian and known prankster Jeff Wysaski decided to inform the viewing public of some interesting animal “facts.”

Wysaski, known by his web pseudonym Obvious Plant, created signs with silly jokes that mirrored the zoo’s informative placards.

Some commenters aren’t amused, stating Wysaski’s actions are vandalism and a public nuisance for misleading people by presenting false facts. Others are even crueler – saying his jokes aren’t funny. You be the judge.

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