5 of the most un-American things that Americans love

UNITED STATES (MEDIA GENERAL) — The United States commonly refers to itself as a melting pot; a blend of people, history and cultures. American culture is unique in how it draws from the past of others but stands on its own. To celebrate Independence Day here is a quick breakdown of five un-American things that Americans love.

1. Anti-open container laws

Courtesy: Jacquelyne Walsh

You can walk around carrying an assault rifle in some states, but a beer can? That’ll land you directly in jail. To be fair, I think there’s a reasonable amount of Americans that aren’t big fans of these laws.

2. The 1812 Overture on July 4

Creative Commons Photo

The 1812 Overture was written by Tschaikovsky to commemorate the battle at Borodino during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. How did this become a Fourth of July staple?

3. Royalty

Creative commons photo
Creative commons photo

Whether it’s a royal baby, a royal wedding or just Prince Harry getting drunk and jumping in a pool in Vegas, Americans lose their collective minds over all things royal. Our forefathers fought a war so we wouldn’t have to care about the monarchy anymore and yet here we are, hundreds of years later, still royally obsessed.

4. Foreign accents


How many Americans go weak at the knees at the sound of an English, Australian, Irish, Italian or even a Scandinavian accent? Do you think people in Spain sit around talking about how sexy they think a Boston or Midwestern accent is? I doubt it.

5. St. Patrick’s Day

Courtesy: Erika Smith
Courtesy: Erika Smith

Although, come to think of it, taking another culture’s tradition and turning it into a drunken spectacle might actually be one of the most American things of all.

See also: Cinco de Mayo.

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