Midtown Harrisburg events go on despite violent crime concerns

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Outdoor Film Series is becoming a popular attraction in Midtown Harrisburg.

Friday night’s showing was rained out, but the event attracted a lot of people before that rain started. Friends of Midtown and Midtown Cinema are teaming up for the second year to help attract people from all over.

Teresa Heagy, of Middletown, is aware of the recent violent crimes in Midtown but said that will not stop her from enjoying the experience. “I always look forward to coming down here,” said Heagy, “I heard about what happened, and it is sad, but nothing bad has taken place, when I have been in the area.”

Shawn Westhaffer heads the Friends of Midtown movement. “Steve’s murder happened right around the corner from my house,” said Westhafer, “I get emotional every time I walk past that location.” Westhafer said they have community volunteers walking the streets and reporting suspicious activity. He is encouraging people to walk in pairs, and under street lights, and to make sure that they use common sense by avoiding bad areas.

Guardians of the Galaxy was rained out Friday night. It will run on Saturday night, weather permitting.


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