Bridge of Hope “House a Family” Initiative

When a single mother is homeless every aspect of life becomes complicated. How will she feed her family? Where will they sleep each night? Will they be safe? If she finds a job, how will she get there? Where will the children go to daycare or school? How will they all get ready for the day? These are the many questions asked by the single mothers in Dauphin and Cumberland County who come to Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area for assistance.

The first step toward ending and preventing homelessness for homeless single mothers and their children is to “House A Family”. When the family has the security and stability of a home, they have the foundation needed to rebuild their lives.

Choose to provide rental assistance for a homeless, single mother and her children through a monthly or one time donation. As you receive your monthly updates on the family you choose, you will see how your support is building a foundation for that family. You will be making it possible for a single mom to rebuild her life and provide a home for her family forever.

To learn more, call 717-635-5957 or visit


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