Coaching legends start football camp in Manheim

MANHEIM, Pa. (WHTM) – It’s never too early to get ready for football season. Evan Simon, an incoming Freshman at Manheim Central, has high hopes as a quarterback. His training, is year round.

“If you make a commitment to football you have to keep it. So I’ve made a commitment to football.”

Simon is one of the first players to participate in the Hall of Fame Quarterback and Wide Receiver Camp, run by two legendary local coaches, Jim Cantafio, and Mike Williams.

“We’ve known each other since 1980,” Cantafio recalls of his history with Williams, “So we thought, hey let’s do something here and have a lot of fun with it.”

Their friendship is one born out of years competing on the field.

“We had become friends after many years of battling,” says Williams, who retired two years ago as head coach at Manheim Central, “Maybe some unfriendly feelings (were there) but when you learn to respect other coaches that’s when the true bond and friendship starts.”

Cantafio’s coaching travels brought him to Wilson, where he coached Chad Henne, who went on to play at Michigan and in the NFL for the last 8 years. Henne joined the camp today, giving advice and instruction to the players on hand. 

“Even when he played, I considered him my own son,” Cantafio says, “Having him here today is a phenomenal thing, it’s great for the young kids to get to see an NFL quarterback.”

“He’s an enthusiastic person,” Henne adds. “Get him to talk about football he’ll go on for days. Give him a stat or something about Pennsylvania football and he’ll talk your ear off for hours.”


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