Ready, Set, Read! Nourishes Carlisle kids brains and bodies

Students in need gain free nutrition for the their minds and bodies!
Students in need gain free nutrition for the their minds and bodies!

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Ready…set…read!!! A summer program in Carlisle kicked off today. Its goal is to help kids nourish their brains and their bellies.

Hundreds of books have been donated to enhance this summer’s reading a feed program. This year’s theme is Ready, Set, Read!

Nine-year-old Mackenzie Maxwell loves to read. She said, “people say reading is for nerds, but come on guys, just get out and read!” She’s one of 150 children in the Carlisle summer program sponsored by Project Share, the Department of Education and Bosler Library.

Project Share Founder, Elaine Livas, said, “The other really important part of this is that they’re getting something to eat…a lot of these students go hungry during the summer.” Students are in need of food during the summer more than any other time of the year because they’re not getting meals at school.

They were making macaroni necklaces when Livas realized how important this program is to the community. She said, “I noticed she was eating the beads, eating the uncooked pasta, and I said, honey how come you’re eating the beads and she said because I’m hungry.”

So they fed her. And will continue feeding and educating children for free three days a week all summer long. It’s never too late to sign up your child for the free reading and feeding program, and never too late to donate. For more information click here.

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