Week in Review 6/13 – 6/17


The governor signs a new law taking child car seat safety in a new direction. The new law requires all kids under age two to sit in rear-facing seats in the back seat of a vehicle.

It will take effect in two months.  Police will issue verbal warnings for the first year but a violation will eventually carry a $125 fine.


Eric paper fuse bans Pennlive reporters from his briefings. He claims it is because the paper “traffics hate speech and cynicism.”

The paper says his actions are “disappointing”, other critics say he is disregarding first amendment values.


A confederate flag at the State Capitol causes conflict.

A display about historic flags included a confederate flag as part of the exhibit.

A state lawmaker began protesting leading the governor to order its removal.


Democratic US Senators led a 15 hour marathon filibuster on the topic of gun control.

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey introduced a bill to ban the sale of guns to suspected terrorists.

Critics believe it’s unlikely anything will get passed.


York police identified the man killed in the city’s latest homicide.

They say 27-year-old Davonne Swan was found shot to death along the 400 block of South Court Street.

It was the ninth shooting in York in a week.

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