Pin or Pitch: Father’s Day and a cool summer activity for kids

June brings the start of summer and also a day to celebrate dad.

In this month’s “Pin or Pitch,” Amanda Peterson and Brett Thackara took on a dessert for dad and a “cool” activity for the kids.

Water balloon baseball is fun for kids of all ages and you only need a few items.

We purchased a water balloon set from Giant Food Stores for $3. After filling them up, we grabbed a plastic bat and went to the parking lot.

The game is similar to batting practice but if you want to make it competitive, like we did, play like a home run derby. Every balloon hit was a point. We had an equal number of pitches and the person with the most points won. This time, Amanda was crowned “water balloon baseball champ.”

After working up an appetite we went to the kitchen.

Father’s Day Gone Fishing Cupcakes caught our eye online and they were easy to make.

Grab a box of cake mix, cook cupcakes according to the package, let them cool and then decorate. We got blue and green icing and Swedish Fish to make ours look good.

If you try any of these, make sure to send in your pics! Tweet @BrettThack or @_AmandaPeterson or post to Amanda or Brett’s Facebook pages.

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