Newberry Township puts brakes on ATV ordinance

NEWBERRYTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — The Newberry Township Board of Supervisors is backing off plans to pass an ordinance that would place heavy restrictions on all-terrain vehicles.

ATV 3Dozens of ATV enthusiasts voiced concerns over the proposal Tuesday evening. Supervisors explained the measure was drafted recently in response to complaints about clouds of dirt and overbearing noise coming from ATVs at “several locations over several years.”

Limitations in the ordinance included set-back requirements restricting ATV use only to areas at least 75 feet from a neighboring property line, allowing for only two people to ride ATVs on a property at once, and limiting ATV use to one hour with two-hour rest periods in between.

During the course of a nearly two-and-a-half-hour public comment period, a majority of supervisors and residents noted that the the inability of a few neighbors to get along should not result in a restrictive township-wide ordinance.

ATV 2A vote on the ordinance remains scheduled for June 28, but four of the five township supervisors made it clear that they will vote against adopting the measure in its current form.

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