Return The Favor: Wounded warriors enjoy the great outdoors

LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve is 278 acres of fishing, hunting, hiking, and more. It isn’t your typical preserve. This one is for our wounded vets, and it’s all free!

“God has blessed us to have this piece of property,” said owner Ed Fisher, “Let’s do something other than just have our family enjoy it. Let’s bring wounded veterans up here, and that’s exactly what we did.”

Ed Fisher runs LEEK, along with his wife, Kate, and daughter, Kelly. He got the idea nine years ago. He’s a veteran himself. He retired from the Army in 2007 after 27 years. He wanted to spend his time helping those men and women injured while serving our country. LEEK gives him the opportunity to do that, while showing wounded soldiers their lives aren’t over.

“When you come to LEEK we welcome you with a hug,” said Kate Fisher, “We try to make you understand you are not alone.”

“I always tell folks that it will change your life coming one time to the preserve,” said Ed Fisher, “Meeting these young men and women who have given us so much for our freedom.”

LEEK offers hunts six times a year. Everything on the Potter County preserve is wheelchair accessible, giving disabled vets the chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

“It takes a lot but every ounce of sweat is well worth it when you see a smile, and you get a thank you from a warrior who’s given you so much,” said Ed Fisher.

LEEK is completely run by volunteers, every cent raised goes back into the program. Ed Fisher says giving a wounded hero something to smile about is all the payment he needs.

“We’ve had several times folks say thank you for saving my life,” he said, “And I think as long as we continue to have that, we’ll continue to have LEEK and continue to help our wounded, injured veterans.”

LEEK has received several prestigious honors including the Fisher House Humanitarian Award, which is given out by the military at The Pentagon. While Ed says the award validates everything they worked so hard to accomplish, he says the real mission is serving wounded veterans.

If you would like to learn more about the LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve, there’s an open house from June 24th through June 26th. Everyone is invited. It’s one of their big fundraisers for the year. There are lots of events planned. For more information on the open house, or if your would like to volunteer your money or time, go to

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