Bears fans excited as Hershey begins Calder Cup Finals

HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) – Wednesday night’s game one of the Calder Cup final in Hershey attracted a lot of people from all

People were tailgating before the game started while other waited outside in the warm weather before they were allowed inside the Giant Center.

Joe Nies had not attended a Bears game in several years, but he was given an offer that he could not refuse. “My wife bought us tickets,” said Nies, “There was no way that I could say no.”

Lorie Goss has been attending games all season. She says waiting in line in June is much different than in December.”It is worth it,” said Goss, “There is nothing like Calder Cup playoff hockey, and it’s better than 30 degrees or 20 degrees or 10 degrees below zero standing out freezing in these lines.”

The fans fired up during the game, but some find other things to do to keep themselves occupied.

Vickie Marshall plays scrabble on her net book when things are not going well. “I will play scrabble when they are not playing up to their potential, said Marshall, “I hope they play better when I look up.”

The Lake Erie Monsters scored three straight goals in the third period and that sent many home early including Gary Goss. “We left early because my wife has to go to work Thursday morning,” said Goss, “But we know the Bears will fight back on Friday and regain control of the series.”

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