Susquehanna Watershed Education Program

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is busy this spring guiding local students through a series of hands-on programs to emphasize the importance of clean water.

Kids from 14 different counties will get a chance to actually get out on the water and learn first-hand the critical connection to the natural world.

“It is very important to get the students outside on the water. Many of the students, like today’s East Pennsboro group. They live right next to the river but have never experienced the water themselves. They get to enjoy the river, see it’s beauty, and hopefully they will want to protect it”, said Tom Parke.

“I think it is important to study about the watershed so you know where your water and drinking water comes from,” said East Pennsboro freshman Jacob Doll.

“When we are in the water we like to test the water’s turbidity, the clarity of the water. We are looking at the nutrient levels as well,” explained Parke.

“I think the more you know the watershed where you are living they more you know about where you are from and how it affects you,” said Doll.

These programs have been serving kids from 14 different counties for over 15 years.

Getting an opportunity to learn how to paddle a canoe is an extra bonus to the program.

“The program is a canoe based program. The students learn how to canoe at the beginning of the day. And the old town canoes are great vessels for exploration on the water.  The students are able to get some exercise, work as a team, and explore together,” said Parke.

Hopefully, these programs will motivate students to make critical decisions about their natural world.

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