Mommy Minute: Creative, colorful bonding time

Virginia Keister loves bringing her grandson, Jason, to Paint & Create in Lower Paxton Township for creative, colorful bonding time.

“It’s making his mind work and it’s making he and I very, very much closer,” she said.

Virginia Keister and her grandson, Jason
Virginia Keister and her grandson, Jason

And that’s just the idea behind the art studio’s kids events.

They recently hosted a “Halfway to Halloween” party where kids were instructed how to paint a black cat.


“I chose blue because it was my favorite color. And I’m painting a black kitty” said Riley Machulsky, who added she has three cats of her own at home.

“The moms kind of hang out and socialize,” said Gretchen McDonel of Paint & Create. “Sometimes they bring wine. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they just go next door and have frozen yogurt and they leave the kids here just to enjoy themselves.”

But the mission goes far beyond that.


“Kids and art is so important because in a lot of schools, they’re removing it from the schools,” McDonel said. “That’s why the owner was so passionate about making sure we kept art in the community.”

For Keister, she and her grandson are painting the foundation for life-long memories.

“I just feel delighted with him and I’m kind of greedy about it,” Keister said. “It’s my thing with my grandson. He goes scrapping with Pop Pop. He goes fishing with daddy. He does other things with mommy.  But painting and crafting is grandma’s thing.”


Paint & Create also has a location in Lemoyne.  For more information or to check out the calendar of events, visit


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