Camp Hill police investigate rash of vehicle break-ins

CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – Logan St. in Camp Hill is the kind of street where more squirrels pass by than cars.

“I grew up here so I wanted my kids to grow up here, too.  So we moved back,” said Michael Vogel who lives on Logan St.

Tuesday morning he noticed something wasn’t right.

“Both my wife’s car and my car were broken into and we had two laptops stolen,” said Vogel.  “Some personal records and things like that.”

Their vehicles weren’t the only ones broken into.  Police said several vehicles were broken into on the 1900 block of Logan St. and the 1900 block of Princeton Ave.

“It was probably owner error,” said Vogel.  “We left our cars unlocked.”

Police said some vehicles were unlocked.  Others had smashed windows.

“Just a crime of opportunity.  They’re walking up and down the streets, looking into cars,” said Chief Douglass Hockenberry.  “We had a few cars that had laptops. Other had purses and wallets that were visible.”

He said some of the items were dumped in trash cans.

“We have some evidence that we’re going to be processing just so see if we can get prints off of them,” said Hockenberry.

Police said the break-ins in Camp Hill should serve as a reminder to people everywhere.

“Lock their cars and keep your valuables inside your house,” said Hockenberry. “Don’t become a victim.”

That’s exactly what Vogel plans to do.

“Not leave valuables in my car and try and keep my car locked. It was just unfortunate that that night we left our cars unlocked. We normally lock them and that night we didn’t,” said Vogel. “I guess the silver lining is my car window didn’t get broken.”

If you have information, including home surveillance footage that might be helpful, police want to hear from you. You can reach Camp Hill police at 717-737-1570.

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