5 things you need to know: Wednesday, May 18

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders split the primary contests.

Clinton declared victory in Kentucky’s Democratic presidential primary while Sanders won in Oregon.

We are learning more about the murder of Tomicka Stubbs.

The man charged with her death, Archie Lee Wright, told police he was in a relationship with Stubbs. Family members say Wright threatened to kill her, sparking a conversation about domestic violence. The Dauphin County coroner is expected to release autopsy results later this morning.

Tonight a Harrisburg City Council committee is once again discussing decriminalizing marijuana.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse wants to follow cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, making marijuana penalties similar to those of a parking ticket. Harrisburg City Council’s Public Safety Committee will meet at 5:30 p.m.

Make less than $47,500? You could soon be making more.

The Obama administration wants to require employers to pay 1 ½ times a worker’s regular salary for any work past 40 hours a week.

Want to raise chickens in Camp Hill?

There was a meeting last night discussing a possible ordinance allowing “urban chickens.”

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