Police cracking down on people who don’t buckle up

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – From now until June 5, police officers across the Midstate are looking for people who aren’t wearing their seat belt.

“I’m coordinating the detail,” Upper Allen Township police Sgt. Peter Beauduy said. “I’m calling out speeds for the chase cars which are just north of my location.”

Speed is only part of the reason why officers are stopping people. They’re really looking for people who aren’t wearing a seat belt because it’s a secondary offense. That means officers can’t pull people over just because they didn’t buckle up.

“These details run roughly three hours,” Beauduy said. “We stop anywhere from 20 to 30 cars and I would say out of those 20 to 30 at least two to three are not wearing their seat belts.”

Even if you buckle up, those who don’t can affect you.

“Those of us who are safe drivers, our insurance rates are still calculated by the entire highway activity that’s out there,” Upper Allen police Chief James Adams said.

For those of you who don’t wear a seat belt, police want you to know that last year in Pennsylvania, 413 people died because they didn’t buckle up.

“In my career I’ve seen people survive crashes that were horrific because they were wearing their belt,” Beauduy said. “I’ve seen people that should’ve survived but haven’t because their belts were not on and they bounced around in the car like a ping pong ball.”

Adams said all it takes is a quick click to save a life.

“Something that simple that takes literally when you’re in the habit of doing it virtually no time. It just becomes routine,” Adams said. “It can save your life. Why wouldn’t you want to do it?

Officers are also looking for children who aren’t in car seats or booster seats. They can pull you over for that because it is a primary offense.

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