5 things you need to know: Monday, May 16

Police are searching for a suspect in the killing of a mother of four.

Investigators say Tomicka Stubbs, 37, was found dead Sunday morning in Swatara Township. Her death is being investigated as a homicide.

Pennsylvania lawmakers are back at the Capitol to begin hashing out the state budget.

With only six weeks before the deadline, Governor Tom Wolf and Republicans have to iron out sharp differences in taxes and spending.

Lawmakers will hold a hearing to focus on the training of child and welfare workers.

This comes after several abuse cases where children were left in homes after checks by workers and ended up dying because signs were missed. The hearing is at 10 a.m. at the PA Child Welfare Resource Center in Mechanicsburg.

If you weren’t happy with this morning’s cold, there’s good news in the forecast.

The abc27 weather team says a beautiful stretch of weather is coming. See the full forecast here.

Olympic athletes will get condoms to help protect them from the Zika virus.

Australian’s Olympic Committee says handing out condoms is a common sense approach to the very serious problem facing Brazil. Meanwhile, officials in the U.S. want help tracking mosquitoes to fight Zika.

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