Midstate musician pens tune about Trump

CAMP HILL, Pa (WHTM) — Pat Garrett may have found his niche, blending country music with politics. His newest song, “I’m Voting for Donald for President,” leaves little doubt about his own presidential preference this election cycle.

“I thought I’d make it so there wouldn’t be any mistake about it,” jokes Garrett. “My feeling is, that Trump is for America, and that’s what I’m for. So that’s why I wrote the song.”

Garrett, who owns Camp Hill radio station 92.1 WTPA-FM, may be best known for appearing on billboards along Interstate 78, promoting his sheepskin business in Berks County. His musical career dates back decades, with ties to Nashville and his own Pat Garrett Ampitheatre, near Bethel.

As for the Trump tune, it was actually penned last year, early in the primary election season when Trump was among a crowded pack of 17 Republican candidates seeking their party’s nomination. With Trump now emerging from the pack as the presumptive nominee, Garrett can’t help but feel like a winner, too.

“I haven’t heard from Donald directly,” says Garrett. “But people around him have contacted me, and say they like the song a whole lot. I fact, one of them had me write a song for for Craig Heard, who is running for Congress in New Jersey. So, I’m getting a little extra work out of the thing.”

In 2008, Garrett gained traction with another political tune “Moose Shooting Mama,” about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. At the time, Palin was vice presidential running mate for former Republican presidential nominee, John McCain.

“The day after the song was released, I got a call from the Governor’s mansion in Alaska, can we use your song?” recalls Garrett. “Absolutely, I said! Then a few weeks later, I got another call. Would you like to open up some of these rallies? So I toured with her around the east coast, probably about a dozen spots.”

Whether that experience might be duplicated with the Trump campaign, Garrett says he has no idea. He does recall once meeting the businessman in the 1980’s at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City.

“He’s a little brash sometimes, and I might not act like that myself,” adds Garrett. “But when I did meet him, he was very nice to me.”

While the singer stays busy strumming along to his pro-Trump lyrics, he’s aware those who supported other republican primary candidates aren’t immediately singing the same tune. But he has a message to those who haven’t yet declared their support of the front runner.

“I think they should listen to the song,” says Garrett. “And I think they will.”

(Find Pat Garrett songs on iTunes here.)



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