Author Spotlight: The Magic Pouch by Hank Angus

Cancer is a plague that has descended upon the world.  It is talked about in quiet whispers; families hope that it will pass them by.  The reality is much different.  There are few people that have not been affected by this dreaded disease.  In “The Magic Pouch,” the disease becomes all too real in the form of an evil witch who has faced her own demons and has now unleashed her fury on all the land with a disease that does not discriminate.

Hank Angus is the author of The Magic Pouch and he joined us today in the studio to tell us more.

“Cancer is brutal.  It tears away at what makes us who we are.  As terrible as the physical effects and treatment can be, this is nothing compared to what it does to the emotions of the patients and all of their loved ones.  It is like that dripping faucet that you cannot fix.  Each day it drips, slowing taking away your physical strength and your will to fight back.  No one should have to suffer every day for years on end in this way,” tells Angus.

To learn more about Hank’s story or pick up a copy of his book visit his website or watch the full segment in the video above.


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