Val’s Kid “Ty”: Where is he now?

Do you remember Ty? One of the many faces featured on Val’s Kids over the years.

A child, since the age of 3, who spent years in and out of foster care. We shared his story in 2011 during a visit to Good Hope Animal Hospital. Ty wanted to be a veterinarian. Adoption worker Liz White and Ty describing his forever family. “Two parents a mom and a dad.” Ty said. “He would love to have siblings and obviously pets would be wonderful for him.” White said.

Flash forward. Meet Mercersburg’s Daniele Mellott, a therapist and caseworker who worked her way into Ty’s life. A little over a year later. “We just happened to have an opening in our home and he needed one and they didn’t have a place for him to go.” said Mellott.  Daniele and husband Mark happened to be foster parents too. “So I asked if he could come here because he and I were connected.It was about six months, seven months, after he came to live with us. There’s that six-month waiting period. He asked within like a week or two if we would adopt him.” Mellott said. “I just fit in really quick. There was nothing, like I didn’t have to adjust to the change.”

Remember Ty’s wish, a two parent family, siblings and pets. He got it all. There is older brother Mark the second, grown with a family of his own. “Then we have Hannah, she’s fifteen almost sixteen.” “We can do stuff together since we are close enough in age. We can talk to each other. We are so close in school and stuff so we can help each other in school.” Hanna said. ” Hayden is twelve, and then Holden. He is eight.” Daniele said.

Seventeen-year-old Ty chose a new first name. “When I got adopted, I changed my name to Heath because they named all their kids with the letter H’s. Hayden, Holden, so I wanted to be part of the family.” Heath said. Heath kept Tylan for his middle name.  As for the last name, “We already had the same last name. I came with the same last name.” Heath said.

Family fate? This hope once upon a time. “I wish that he finds a forever family . He is going to do so well. Once he gets the structure and the love of a forever family.” White said.
A wish come true. “I love my parents. They’re supportive in everything I do. Heath said.  ” I feel like we have gotten more than we have been able to give him out of having him with us, out of adopting.” Danielle said.

Health says he is going to college for seminary to be a youth pastor.
At any given time, hundreds of children are available for adoption in Pennsylvania. Please consider adoption and watch Val’s Kids Wednesdays on ABC27 News at 7 and Sundays on ABC27 News at 6.


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