Pin or Pitch: Mother’s Day brunch and bird feeders

During the month of May spring is in full bloom and so is Pinterest.

The website is taken over by spring fashion, workouts to prepare your “summer body,” and outdoor DIY makeovers.

When we searched “May” we found the results narrowed, to celebrating mom and the outdoors.

First, mom.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8 and some will make breakfast in bed or brunch.

If you do, try this simple recipe: Strawberry Angel Food Cake French Toast.

We did and not only was it easy — it was delicious!!!!

After we finished the plate of french toast, we tried a craft.

Pinterest was full of fun activities, especially bird feeders for your yard.

For these, we needed three items: 1. toilet paper rolls, 2. peanut butter and 3. bird seed.

In seconds, we finished, hanging them outdoors and watching — waiting for a bird to land.

If you try any of these or have any Pins you would like to share, make sure to send us pictures on Facebook or Twitter Amanda Peterson: @_AmandaPeterson or Brett Thackara: @BrettThack.

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