Local women will wear same black dress to raise poverty awareness

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The women of the Junior League of Harrisburg will wear the same little black dress to work every day this week.

It’s part of a new social media campaign called the Little Black Dress Initiative. That initiative aims to raise money and awareness for women living below the poverty line.

Every woman will wear a black dress — some longer, some shorter, some with sleeves, some without — but all are black.

“It’s a way for us to stand in solidarity with these women and be a voice for them, and that living below the poverty line can be very limiting and it can be very challenging,” said Anne Marek, a member of the Junior League.

While most women have a closet packed with clothes, most low-income women have limited resources and may only have a few outfits to wear to work.

Wearing the black dress is a simple gesture that makes a bold statement.

“All of the people who I interact with and talk to about my little black dress, I’ll be educating them and advocating for women and children in Dauphin County,” Jo Brindley said.

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