Clinton, Sanders channel star power; send surrogates to Midstate Sunday

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Both Democrats running for the highest office in the nation sent surrogates to the Midstate Sunday — big names pulling for big wins in the state’s primary Tuesday.

A little star power goes a long way.

“Titles are good, but purpose is better,” former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner said to a crowd of people gathered at PM Bistro in Harrisburg.

Turner joined actress Rosario Dawson at a “community conversation” event for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“He is somebody saying that the working poor and the middle class deserve better than what they’re getting right now,” Turner said.

She talked to the crowd about the need for a higher minimum wage and investing in younger generations. She hopes the message of economic equality helped make up ground among minority voters, with whom Sanders typically polls lower than his rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“We’re fighting like hell to do that,” Turner said. “We’re not giving up; we’re not relenting. We’re taking this all the way to the convention.”

Clinton flashed a little star power of her own in Lancaster, as former President Bill Clinton stopped by the Prince Street Café around 7:45 Sunday evening.

“I can’t even explain it,” said customer Angie Ramos. “I have butterflies in my stomach, like oh my (inaudible).”

“I got the call about 20 minutes before he got here,” co-owner Kyle Sollenberger said. “It’s a little nerve-wracking and kind of crazy, but it’s exciting.”

Shaking hands and snapping photos around the coffee shop, Clinton, too, talked about his candidate’s economic message.

“How do you reduce inequality?” he said to two patrons of the campaign’s economic focus. “How can we create jobs?”

College needs to be cheaper, he said, and debt more manageable.

“We can get another source of new labor if we let a lot of these young people that have been in jail for too long for nonviolent offenses out,” he said, “if you give them education, training, and job placement first.”

Now it’s up to the voters on Tuesday to pick their primary candidate.

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