New ambulance subscription program for the York area

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – In an emergency situation, you don’t think twice about calling an ambulance. But if you’re not careful it could cost you a lot of money! A new service being offered in York is aiming to change that.

Mayor Kim Bracey is partnering with the York Fire Department and White Rose Ambulance to lower costs in an emergency situation.

It’s called the Ambulance Subscription Program. Residents in the greater York area received applications in the mail this week. There’s an upfront fee of $35.00 to $70.00 that needs to be paid now, but there will be no out of pocket expenses for calling an ambulance the next three times.

Fire Department Chief David Michaels said the new program should give residents a sense of comfort knowing they won’t need to worry about not using emergency services due to financial costs. White Rose Ambulance paid $20,000 to set up the program and needs 20 percent of the public to participate to break even and implement the program again next year.

This is a new service for people in the greater York area (five municipalities including the city). A similar program is already implemented in Harrisburg and Lancaster. Check your area to see if it’s offered.

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