York named among top 5 counties to ticket for texting and driving

York County is on the top five list of counties in the state most likely to ticket for texting and driving. Some police said they find that hard to believe.

Like many, it’s something Samuel Wile of York does every single day.

“It’s not even texting or talking. Sometimes we play games while we’re driving,” Wile said.

And he’s not the only one.

“I’m guilty. I got pulled over once for it,” Lizarah Matthews of York admitted.

Chief Mark Bentzel with the Northern York County Regional Police Department said they stopped about 150 drivers for texting and driving between 2015 and 2016.

Police said the law is written in a way that makes it difficult to enforce. An officer can pull a person over if they believe they are texting but can’t seize the driver’s phone to prove it.

“So how do we prove it?” Chief Bentzel said.

Which means making a phone call, using GPS, or even scrolling through your phone is fair game.

“Many people know that if you are doing something other than texting, the police can’t write you a ticket,” Chief Bentzel said.

So even though York County comes out on top for being likely to ticket for texting and driving, law enforcement officers believe it’s not enough.

“Distracted driving is becoming or is now the number one cause for traffic causes, and this is a big part of distracted driving. We certainly don’t seem to be making much of an impact,” Chief Bentzel said.

Chief Bentzel encourages people to download the app, “Take the Pledge,” which will send an automatic reply to any texts a driver receives while driving. The app was launched after a teen in York died from texting and driving last year.

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