VALE Music Group: Bringing Industry to the Classroom

VALE Music Group is an entirely student-run organization on the campus of Lebanon Valley College. There are four components of VALE: VALE Records, VALE Media Industries Conference, VALE Live and VALE Publishing. VALE Records has just completed production of their latest EP from November Lounge, their latest signed artist.VALE logo

The Vale Music Group started in 2005, but the idea to turn it into an LLC was part of an independent study course in 2009.

“Every year in the spring semester, a small group of students go through the process of finding and signing a new artist and then creating and marketing an album. Everything from marketing to recording is done by the students.  VALE Records started up in 2011 under the direction of Prof. Jeffrey Snyder. The first CD they released was of classical music composed by former LVC professor, Scott Eggert. The second CD released was by the first band to be officially signed to VALE Records, Sheridan Ave. In the following year, VALE signed solo artist, Kali Rodgers. Lastly, this semester, VALE signed November Lounge, and their album will be on sale within the next few weeks. All past CDS are available online at our e-commerce site, and on,” tells Pamela Keating, Vice President of VALE Records.

For more information on the VALE Music Group, visit their website at

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