Pass Down Journal: A Storybook for Your Family

The Pass Down Journal is a hardcover journal filled with a series of questions that can help anyone write their own autobiography.

“It’s not a traditional journal that someone keeps hidden away and private.  It’s meant to be handed down and shared with your family.  The questions were written to help the writer remember detailed and unique events or thoughts, and were organized so that the author begins with childhood memories and then move chronologically through their life,” tells co-founder of Pass Down Journal, Angela Sharer.

“The idea for Pass Down Journal grew out of a few conversations I’ve had with my husband over the years about my own mother.  She passed away when I was young, and when I became a mother myself, I realized my children would only know their grandmother from the stories I could remember and tell them.  So my husband started writing down his memories and life lessons to pass along to our kids, and we realized how great it would be if everyone was able to do this for their children or loved ones.”

To learn more about the journal or to purchase a copy, visit

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