New Golden Living nursing home violations show medical errors

ABC27 has discovered new violations at a Golden Living nursing home in Camp Hill.

The most recent inspection, which the Department of Health published Tuesday, outlines situations that show delay in care and medical errors.

The report details a situation in which a resident fell, and it wasn’t until the next day someone noticed blood on her pillow and an open wound on her head. The Department of Health discovered the resident’s lab work and reports had not been signed by the physician and were not properly documented. In fact, there was no evidence the physician reviewed the resident’s care.

That resident did not go to a hospital until several days later. She was admitted for kidney failure, possible pneumonia, and dehydration. Documentation shows the resident’s blood pressure had been steadily dropping to the point where she became “confused.” However, Golden Living staff members continued to give her medication designed to lower her blood pressure. The resident was eventually referred to hospice services.

A different resident was referred to hospice, but no one from Golden Living told his wife. The inspection says she did not find out until she received a call from the hospice provider. The report says she was upset when she called Golden Living, saying she had “no idea that her husband was that bad.”

The woman says she and her husband “were not given a choice of a hospice provider.”

The inspection goes on to document additional errors in medical records, feces found on chairs, dirty wheelchairs, a pattern of neuro checks not being conducted after falls, falls that were not investigated or even documented, and restraining belts used for residents who did not necessarily need them.

ABC27 on Tuesday confronted Golden Living’s president about these violations and several others.

Sandy McManamon, whose mother died in a Golden Living nursing home, says she is not satisfied with the company’s response.

“She is talking her line as president of Golden Living and his getting that out there to cover their wrongdoings,” McManamon said.

McManamon has described to ABC27 what she saw at her mother’s facility; descriptions of feces, food violations, dirty oxygen filters, and other sanitary concerns.

She says she doesn’t blame the staff; she believes most are doing the best they can with limited resources and little help.

“If [Golden Living] didn’t have them, I don’t know what would happen because they care so deeply and they learn to love these people,” McManamon said. “They want to spend more time with them to help them.”

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