Kings Who Cook: CT’s Orange BBQ’d Rib Tips

Kings Who Cook is a food-tasting festival which showcases various dishes prepared by men from throughout the local area. Previous events have featured dishes such as Black Walnut Cake, Cheesy Shrimp and Grits, Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Dip and Pineapple Chicken—to name a few. Guests will have an opportunity to sample each of the dishes. No one leaves hungry!

Proceeds raised from this event are put toward college scholarships for graduate high school seniors from the local area as well as to host community programming including health and wellness screenings, financial aid workshops/seminars and youth activities.

It’s important to note that to date; they have supported nearly $300,000 in scholarships for graduating high school seniors thanks to the efforts of our local fundraising efforts, including Kings Who Cook.

Today, CT cooked his popular, yet simple, Orange BBQ’d rib tips. Check out the recipe here or watch our segment above. For more information on the event, visit

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