Flinchy’s Brunch in a Glass & Sunrise Hangover Burger

Enjoy these recipes for Brunch in a Glass and Sunrise Hangover Burger from Dawson Flinchbaugh of Flinchy’s Restaurant, Bar and Deck.

Flinchy’s Brunch in a Glass

1. Take a cold pint glass and rim it with Old Bay

2. Put ice in mixing shaker and add 2-3 oz. of Titos Vodka, dash of Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, and A-1. Add 12-14 oz. Toigo Farms Birth of Pain Bloody Mary Mix. This is available at Novinger Jewelry in the West Shore Plaza. Shake mix and pour into rimmed pint glass, then add three blue cheese stuffed olives on a toothpick, place a slice of lemon and lime on rim.

3. Finish with a stalk of celery in glass and a piece of thick crispy bacon both upright and sticking out of glass. Finally place a jumbo steamed shrimp on edge! Enjoy your brunch.

Flinchy’s Sunrise Hangover Burger

This burger will keep you going all day!

1. Lightly toast a large sesame bun.

2. Place a slice of tomato, onion and lettuce on it and lay to side.

3. Cook an 8oz 80-20 patty to medium, melt a piece of cheese of choice on top, and place on bottom of bun.

4. Add three pieces of crispy bacon, then cook a large egg over easy and place on top. Put top of burger on and enjoy.

Optional: Wear surgical gloves to keep juicy egg from running all over your hands!

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