Search continues for York County armed rape suspect

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – The search continued in York County Monday for a man accused of raping a teenage girl, stealing guns, and running from police.

Police say they’re not sure 20-year-old Austin Craley is even in the area anymore, but they’re following up as many leads as possible.

Residents of an apartment complex where some of the search has focused say it’s been a tense few days since this search started.

Michelle Marvin is one of them. “Makes you nervous,” she said, walking her dog outside her building.

Marvin lives in the Kings Arms section of the Apartments at Waterford complex east of York. She was sitting outside Friday evening when a police officer approached and told her about the search.

“I was a little nervous,” she said, “because I was home by myself with the dog and of course the dog has to be walked.”

The intense search had started around the complex earlier that day.

“I looked outside,” remembered Corinne Kawczynski, who also lives in the complex. “There was helicopters, a couple state troopers going on.”

Police are still looking for Craley; he’s accused of raping a 14-year-old girl.

He missed a court date Wednesday and allegedly stole three guns from his father’s home. Friday morning, police say, he showed up at the victim’s house and pointed a gun at her stepfather before taking off.

“I can’t tell you what kind of state of mind he is in,” Sgt. Peter Montgomery of the York Area Regional Police Department said.

Monday, acting on a tip, police searched an apartment in the Kings Arms section of the sprawling complex. He was last seen running toward the apartments.

“The people were more than willing to let us in and look around,” Montgomery said.

It’s just one of many leads that have not led to Craley. And despite a much less visible police presence days later, Montgomery said the search has not slowed.

“We are actively looking for him. Detectives are working many angles,” he said.

But if none of the tips and leads pan out, police say they may have to wait until Craley gets comfortable enough on the run to make a mistake that leads to his capture.

That’s not comforting to Marvin.

“I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to find him,” she said, “but it’s still unsettling.”

She’s doing what she can to take precautions, as is Kawczynski.

“When I normally walk my dog,” she said, “I don’t lock my door when I’m leaving. Now I’m bringing an extra key with me to make sure that I’m locked up.”

“Hopefully they’ll catch him soon,” Marvin said.

If you have any idea as to his whereabouts, police ask that you not approach him, but instead just give them a call.

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