Ohio State researchers prove sunscreen prevents cancer

Scientists already knew that SPF 30 prevents sunburn, but this study shows it can also prevent melanoma

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Scientists at Ohio State announced Sunday that using SPF 30 sunscreen can reduce the risk of melanoma by 80 percent.

Researchers tested the sunscreen on special mice that have skin similar to humans.

They already knew SPF 30 prevents sunburns, but this is the first study to prove that it can also prevent skin cancer.

“Incidence of melanoma continues to rise at an incredible rate, really up there among the top cancers in rising incidence,” said. “We really need to tackle this rising incidence and the way to do that is prevention.”

The doctors at Ohio State used several brands of SPF 30 sunscreen with different ingredients, and all of them were effective in preventing skin cancer in the lab mice.

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