Mooney & Associates: Criminal Defense

Mooney & Associates specializes in every area of the law. They fight for their clients’ rights, advising them on what to expect every step of the way.

Integrity, passion, and a commitment to our clients’ best interests are our law firm’s motivating forces.  Our experienced team is ready for the complexity of all cases including: criminal defense, personal injury, workman’s comp, divorce, bankruptcy, estate management and more.”

Criminal Defense is always more complicated than what TV has portrayed in Perry Mason and in Law & Order.  In our great country, we are all innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  That is a high standard because we do not want innocent people to go to jail.  Our right to a fair justice system becomes much clearer when it is our child or our loved one who is accused of a crime.  When our criminal system fails and sends an innocent person to jail and years later we find through DNA results not available at that time that the person is innocent, we are outraged,” tells Corky Goldstein.

Learn more on the subject at or call 717-212-HELP.

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