Crummel’s Classroom Update: Special needs students honored

In last week’s Crummel’s Classroom, we brought you the story of the special education class at Hershey High School. The inspiring young people in that class have multiple disabilities, including the inability to communicate verbally. However, they don’t let that stop them from learning and thriving.

Many of you watched the story and sent us messages about how glad you were to see these students featured, and how much it meant to you. The Dauphin County sheriff was also watching. The story really touched his heart, and he did something pretty special.

Sheriff Nicholas Chimienti reached out to Hershey High School and invited the class to throw out the first pitch at this weekend’s little league opening ceremonies in Lower Paxton Township.

Chimienti also used the opportunity to share a message with everyone there.

“I want to teach our kids the right thing to respect kids like that and help kids out like that,” he said.

“I think it’s great for them to come out, it means a lot to them,” said —, the father of one of the special needs students, “It shows how people are accepting of them because they’re just like other kids. This gives them a chance to get out and show what they can do.”

Hundreds of people came out for the opening day ceremonies. The students and their parents were honored to take part.

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