Mommy’s Time Out: Amy’s baby item picks

Good Day PA is launching a monthly “Mommy’s Time Out” as host Amy Kehm navigates new parenthood. Today, Amy offered her choices for baby products — simple items that she believes make a world of difference.

Here are her personal picks:

Boppy® Pillow
This is great for nursing, for propping baby, and even just for holding her comfortably as she sleeps and taking some of the weight from a parent’s arms. Amy registered for one yet received two. She retained both, keeping one upstairs for use in the nursery and bedrooms and one in the living room.

Halo Sleep® Sack®
Important, says Amy, is that it specifically is the Halo brand. She tried another brand and did not like it as much. The Sleep® Sack® is much safer than using a blanket in a crib. It’s a wearable blanket. It is very easy to use with a zipper and velcro for swaddling with baby’s arms in or out. It is great to feed baby and then put her right to sleep.

Inchbug Orbit Labels
Amy received a gift certificate to the Inchbug website. Daycare requires that a baby’s name be clearly marked on her bottles. The Orbit labels are of a rubbery material that stretches around a bottle or sippy cup and is easily cleaned. They are less than $15 for a 4-pack.

Inchbug will be featured on abc’s Shark Tank on April 22

Glass bottles
Originally, Amy wanted glass to avoid chemicals in plastic. She then then learned that they work better than plastic for storing breast milk or even formula as milk proteins do not stick as much to the sides.

Hand Pump for breastfeeding
At first, Amy wondered why she would ever want to pump just one side at a time when she could do two at once — and with a machine. But she learned how efficient it is to feed baby on one side and pump on the other — storing milk. Plus, increases milk supply by completely draining breasts, encouraging your body to produce more.

Pumping Bustier
This is so simple and so amazing, says Amy. It allows a pumping mom to be hands-free. It is key for working moms who, while at work, aim to pump to continue breastfeeding. You can pump hands-free while getting work done. Amy uses it while applying makeup, answering emails and producing segments for Good Day PA.

Note: Amy did not receive compensation for her “endorsements.” These are items that she genuinely believes enhances motherhood.

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