Spring cleaning tips to keep your digital device secure

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — It’s that time of year, spring cleaning!

Although you might typically dedicate time to cleaning out your fridge or your closets, your computer may often go overlooked.

But when it comes to cyber security, your computer may not be as safe as you think.

“All data is being targeted,” said Dallas Haselhorst, a computer security expert with Sicoir Computer Technologies.

Haselhorst has been helping customers recover from cyber-attacks for more than a decade.

He sees more and more cases every day.

“I only see it getting worse. It’s going to get worse and as more businesses are targeted and as more people are targeted,” said Haselhorst.

The good news is there are several simple things you can do to protect valuable digital data.

“Keeping your software up to date is probably 50-60 percent of your battle,” said Haselhorst.

The Better Business Bureau agrees. Take the time to install all updates. It could fend off the newest hacking trends.

The other simple step you should take? Strengthening your passwords.

“The best thing to do is actually don’t use any words. Use a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. It makes it a little bit harder for those cyber criminals to hack into your account and take over your password,” said Denise Groene, State Director for the Better Business Bureau.

Also, don’t reuse those passwords. Have a unique password for every website.

“You have a random 20 character password for your bank over here, and a random 20 character or 25 character password for your credit card over for this site,” said Haselhorst.

Write those passwords down if you need, but definitely don’t store any passwords in a document on your computer.

Simple steps, but a spring cleaning process that could protect your most valuable assets.“Hopefully if you’re doing a few things that would possibly keep an attacker at bay for a bit there’s a good possibility that they’re going to say, boy this just isn’t worth it and move on to the next one,” said Haselhorst.

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