Shippensburg Historical Society: 20th Century Medicine

The Shippensburg Historical Society is based out of the historic home of Dr. Alexander Stewart Dr. Stewart was a specialist in radiology, but also served as a local general practitioner for the community. Dr. Stewart not only worked in Shippensburg, he also was born there and spent the majority of his life there. He received his medical degree in 1919 and continued his practice in Shippensburg well into the mid-20th century.

“The other key difference you’ll see here is that doctor’s appointments were predominately house calls. If someone was sick it was a lot harder to get them to the doctor without the mass transportation that we have today, so the doctor more frequently came to them. And there often were no ambulances either,” tells Ethan Serr.

Learn more about the history of 20th century medicine by watching the above segment, or calling (717) 532-6727.

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