Midstate man selling Hillary Clinton’s car

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – File this one under “sort-of-politics.”

An Adams County man is ready to sell a piece of history. He’s had it for years but now wants his life to roll on without it.

For sale: “It’s a 1986 [Oldsmobile] Cutlass Ciera Brougham with 33,000 miles on it,” Mike Lawn explained.

A classic. “It’s 30 years old. It’s no longer made,” Lawn said.

Good condition.

“She took great care of it.”

Needs a little engine work. “I think one of the fuel injectors is clogged because it still has the fuel from like 16 years ago.”

But it’s not what’s on the outside of the car or how it runs that makes it so special, it’s who once sat behind the wheel.

“It was last owned, prior to me,” he said, “by Hillary Clinton.”

Yes, that Hillary Clinton. “Former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton,” Lawn clarified.

8C2C0DB6AF35410EB5988B8C3ACA9251Inside his Gettysburg home, Lawn pulled out a red folder containing a number of documents. He removed the original bill of sale from the dealership, from March of 1986, sold to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The address on the bill is listed as 1800 Center Street in Little Rock. That’s the address of the Arkansas governor’s mansion where she and then-Gov. Bill Clinton lived in 1986.

He showed us the title transfer, with both his and the current presidential candidate’s names on it. “This is when I bought it, March of 2000.”

Sixteen years ago, Lawn was a gardener at the White House (yes, Mike Lawn the gardener) at the end of Bill’s second term.

“They were leaving the White House and she no longer wanted to take it with her,” he said. “She put it up for bid among the 90-or-so staff. Lawn took it home for around $2,000.

ABC27 News reached out to the Clinton campaign for comment, but as of Tuesday night, they had not responded.

“I originally bought it for my daughter, who was turning 16 and needed a car for school,” he said. “She looked at the car and says, ‘Man, that’s an old lady’s car. I don’t want that car.'”

So, it sat in the garage and he brought it here to Gettysburg when he retired.

“I mean, my daughter’s now 32 and she’s like, ‘Maybe I should have kept that car.'” Instead she’s helping him auction it on eBay (he’s also taking emailed offers at thelawns5@gmail.com).

“It is certainly a conversation starter if nothing else.”

Car for sale. Two owners. “The windows, none of them are cracked, the interior’s in immaculate condition, the tires are new.”

No longer under the Secret Service protection plan.

“I think you could be very happy with this car. It would be a dependable car for you to have,” Lawn said.

“Make me an offer.”

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