Northern York Co. Historical: Oyster Fest

Today, the many buildings of Dills Tavern and Plantation have come to tell not only the history of Dillsburg, but also the story of life on Pennsylvania’s frontier and a slice of our nation’s history.  These insights continue through our continuing archaeological investigations and restoration projects.

During the digs, one item far outnumbered any other in terms of quantity found on the property, oyster shells.

Further investigation discovered that the oysters were part of trade for the products made by the property’s distillery.  Oysters came to the property from Baltimore in the empty barrels that were frequently sent to quench the thirsts of the burgeoning shipping metropolis.

The York Fish & Oyster Company has proudly served the York, Pennsylvania area since 1950. They are a family-owned-and-operated seafood market specializing in the freshest fish and shellfish available.

The Dills Tavern Oyster Fest will be held Saturday, April 30, from 11am to 4pm. Learn more about this event by visiting

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