Author Spotlight: Loriann Hock

The birds in Mockey’s Lullaby are trying to find out who is causing a ruckus in their neighborhood in the middle of the night.  All night long, the singing goes on…and on.  It sounds like a blue jay, a wren, a quail, a crow, and a woodpecker.  Soon the birds are accusing each other of keeping each other awake! Could it be another bird mocking their songs?

With charming rhymes, illustrations, and alliteration, Mockey’s Lullaby takes the reader on a journey of discovery.  Children delight in this light-hearted, whimsical story as the birds learn to appreciate their songs sung by another.

Author Loriann Hock sat down to tell us more about her book.

“It is categorized as Juvenile Fiction.  The story line is geared towards pre-school through third or fourth graders, but I have found that it also makes a great rocking chair book for grandparents!” tells Loriann.

To get your hands on a copy or learn more about the book, call 717-385-4579.

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