Food Mood Girl: Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith, also known as the “Food Mood Girl” is here today to share easy food swaps that will instantly boost your mood. Lindsey is a health coach, speaker the author of her award-winning book, Food Guilt No More.

“Most of the time, when we eat a diet high in processed food, sugar or other major food triggers, our moods can alter. For example, too much sugar can lead us feeling depressed once the high wears off. And too much gluten can cause headaches or a belly ache. Everybody is different, but upgrading or swapping out certain ingredients can make all the difference to your mood,” tells Lindsey.

“One of the number one things I tell people is to not listen to marketing claims about products. Many times when companies take out fat, they replace it with sugar. And if they take out sugar, they place it with salt. I encourage people to listen to their bodies and no marketing claims.”

Lindsey shared some great advice on swapping out common foods and snacks for additional good mood-friendly.

For more information on food for your mood, check out Lindsey’s website at

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