5 things you need to know: Wednesday, April 6

April snow showers bring… 

Yes, it is April and the ABC27 weather team says there is a chance of snow showers in the next seven days. Check out the forecast here.

Cruz and Sanders were winners in Wisconsin.

In the Wisconsin primaries Tuesday, Republican Ted Cruz hurt front-runner Donald Trump’s chances of capturing the GOP nomination and Bernie Sanders carried the Democratic race over Hillary Clinton, a win that still leaves him with a mathematically difficult path to the White House.

Last night Democrats in the US Senate race squared off in a debate

Joe Sestak, Katie McGinty, and John Fetterman are running for the nomination. Tuesday’s debate displayed the candidates strengths and weaknesses.

Pet owners — veterinarians have a warning.

After a recent spike in rabies cases in the Midstate. Here’s what you need to know.

Paper thought bubbles are popping up around Harrisburg.

It’s part of a campaign to grab people’s attention and get them thinking about the way they think about those with disabilities.

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