5 things you need to know: Tuesday, April 5

Congratulations, Villanova.

In a thrilling win last night, Villanova became the new NCAA men’s champion, beating North Carolina 77-74. It is the first title for the team since 1985.

Cabin owners lose vote, but not hope.

Midstaters who own second homes on two islands on the Susquehanna River have 17 months to pack up their belongings. Last night, a compliance plan passed unanimously that ends rentals on the land altogether. Cabin owners say they feel defeated but have not lost hope.

They have agreed to debate.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will appear in their next Democratic presidential debate on April 14 in New York City. The debate is just five days before New York’s primary. Clinton and Sanders both have ties to the state, Clinton was a former senator and Sanders was raised in Brooklyn.

Speaking of the presidential race, today all eyes are on Wisconsin.

Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Bernie Sanders are angling for victories. Winning today could give their campaigns a needed boost but will still leave them with mathematically challenging paths to their parties’ nominations.

A House committee has approved legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation.

State Rep. Kathy Rapp introduced the measure on Friday. Currently, elective abortions are prohibited after 24 weeks. The legislation has 101 co-sponsors but some are opposed calling it, “another attempt to shut down access to safe and legal abortions in the commonwealth.

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