DA: We have a problem when it comes to locked phones

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Lancaster County District Attorney says his office gets dozens of phones every year they can’t access; phones that could have vital information on criminal cases.

“We have people that want to kill, people that do kill people, we have people that sell drugs, people that contact juveniles to set them up to have sexual abuse relationship, and they use cell phones for that,” Stedman said.

Stedman said the FBI’s struggle to access the locked phone of the San Bernardino shooter is something he sees in cases every day.

“It’s here, now it’s an obstacle to us being able to do our jobs and protect the community and save lives,” he said.

He stressed to ABC 27 News that as long as investigators have search warrants, there should be no reason they can’t see the contents of those phones.

“If any company is making phones that law enforcement can’t access, even after a court order, it’s going to have a widespread negative impact on the ability for us in law enforcement to protect the community to solve crimes.”

Stedman worries that as technology continues to evolve we’re only going to see more problems.

He suggests lawmakers need to create something which would allow investigators to access phones.

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