Creature Feature: Duke, the Jack Russel Terrier/Beagle Mix

Meet Duke, a seven year old JRT/Beagle mix who joined us today with Jamie Balla, Operations Manager of Castaway Critters.duke 2

“JRT/Beagles have a lot of energy so they need to be exercised daily. Lots of running, walking, and training is best for this type of dog. They are very smart and like to keep their mind busy. In addition, playing puzzle games with them is a great way to exercise their minds,” tells Jamie.

“Duke likes to be the center of attention, so we don’t recommend him in a house with young kids or other animals. He really would make a great companion for someone that is active and willing to continue to train him to keep his mind busy. This smart lovable guy deserves a home to call his own.”

If you’re interested in adopting Duke, give Castaway Critters a call at 717-831-5010 or visit their website at

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